Dear Boss Logo Member,

In late 2018 and early 2019 was offline.  However, as of March 2019 the site has relaunched under new ownership.

I am Derek McGeachie and I am the new owner and dedicated President of -- including the brand, equipment and awesome production team. 

We have been working hard to revitalize the website, infrastructure and product offering to provide you with the quality and service you should expect from a premium online print provider. More importantly, we are bringing value and integrity to We understand that it was frustrating while we were offline, but we now have something better and more reliable for you.

The new is going to win you back by producing great products, providing exceptional value and delivering your work on time! Being a Member gives you access to one of the largest and best print platforms in North America. For custom orders, we have an extensive equipment list that can provide industry best pricing for Large Format, Digital, Long Run Publications and anything ink to substrate. Over the next while you will see more products and improvements added to as well as more information about our complete offering.

We are here to change the way you think about and I am confident we have the team, the know-how and the passion to earn our place as your favourite and most trusted online printing partner.



Best regards and Happy Printing!

Derek McGeachie

President & new BOSS